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About Us

SIACARGO Express makes business flow. As one of the world’s leading non-asset-based supply chain management companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions in both freight management.


Nearly all items of cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the worlds roads.


Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain.


As a leader in global air freight forwarding, OIA Global excels in providing tailored transportation.

Why We’re Your Next Logistics Partner

Working with our network of international agents we can prepare the right solution to move your cargo anywhere in the world.


We can help you navigate the documentation, carriers and local obligations required for international seafreight. Take advantage of our knowledge of the international trade lanes to move your freight hassle free.


Take the stress out of moving your priority cargo by taking advantage of our airfreight services. We have the experience and knowhow to get your urgent shipment delivered in the best time possible.


Some cargo needs just that little bit extra attention and care. Some cargo needs a level of expertise you can only get by having done it before. We have a wide range of experience in moving: mining equipment, vehicles & boats.


We can help you cut through the complex regulations and quarantine red tape to clear your cargo with a minimal amount of fuss. Avoid the risk of hefty fines and delays getting your goods by using our customs clearance service.


Siacargo Express has a menu of supply chain solutions that can optimize the effectiveness of your product promotion, and reduce the cost of your packaging and distribution as well as your carbon footprint.

Sales Lift is music to any marketing, brand or merchandising managers ears. Siacargo Express understands the impact packaging has when your customers are competing for market dollars.

Above all OIAs retail business model combines material choices with an innovative design approach and color management process that supports Sales Lift to meet or exceed your ROI expectations.